ArmsGlossary of Cambridge jargon

M.A. - see Master of Arts.

Madingley Hall - the home of university's Department of Continuing Education, formerly the Department of Extra-Mural Studies.

M.A. Status - a status achieved by a graduate student at age 24. Such a student may wear the M.A. gown without strings.

Maggie - Lady Margaret Boat Club.

Magister (m), Magistra (f) - Latin for Master.

Magsoc - the St Margaret Society of Queens', the college music society.

Manciple - (more common at Oxford than Cambridge) a member of college staff with oversight of domestic or catering arrangements.

Marlay Curator - post also held by the Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Marshal - a university ceremonial officer.

Marshall - the library of the Faculty of Economics and Politics.

Master (i) - at most colleges (but not Queens'), the head of the college.

Master (ii) - at Queens', the vocative case of President.

Master (iii) - in the university, originally the holder of a degree of Master of Arts, traditionally the licence to teach students, as used in the corporate title The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge. Colloquially called M.A.s. The term Masters in the corporate title now includes the holders of any Master's or Doctor's degree, and Bachelors of Divinity.

Master of Arts - a degree higher than a B.A. and lower than any Doctor. In medieval times obtained after studying the Quadrivium; now obtainable by any Cambridge Bachelor of Arts six clear years after matriculation.

Mat & Met - Materials Science and Metallurgy (formerly Met & Mat) .

Mathematical Bridge - a popular, but erroneous, name for the bridge over the Cam at Queens'.

Mathmo - student slang for a mathematician.

Matriculate - (verb) to become a member of the University.

Maxwell - a lecture room on the New Museums Site.

May Balls - periods of conspicuous consumption and self-indulgence held in the second half of May Week

May Races - the bumping r aces held in the first half of May Week.

May Week - a fortnight in June, comprising the last week of Easter Full Term and the week after.

Mays = May Races.

M.B. - Bachelor of Medicine.

MCR - see Combination Room.

Michaelmas - the first of three terms in the academic year, between October and Christmas.

Middle - (as in Middle Combination Room) appertaining to the graduate students of the College.

Middle River - that part of the river Cam from the mill races down to Jesus Lock.

Mill - there were formerly three mills in Cambridge at the limit of navigation from the sea. King's Mill and Bishop's Mill stood side by side between the end of Mill Lane and Laundress Green. They were demolished in the 1920s and only the two mill races remain. Newnham Mill is now Sweeney Todd's restaurant. The public house called The Mill faces the site of the former King's and Bishop's Mills.

Mill Lane - a university site at Mill Lane.

Min & Pet - Mineralogy and Petrology.

Mistress - at Girton College, the head of the college.

Mitchams Corner - the junction of Victoria Avenue and Chesterton Road.

Mond - a building in the New Museums Site.

Motor Proctor - university officer responsible for issuing motor vehicle permits to persons in statu pupillari.

MML - Modern and Medieval Languages.

Mr - abbreviation for Magister, used in front of a surname. Properly, students are not qualified to use this title. This distinction is still observed in the names painted over the oaks of sets.

MRAO - Mullard Radio Astronomy Laboratory.

MRC - Medical Research Council; their laboratories in Cambridge.

MST - Medical Sciences Tripos.


This compilation is Copyright (C) R.D.H. Walker 1991-97.